What Is Natural Plant Extract?

There are many different varieties of plant extracts. The supply and demand of these products change with the year and various market factors, and imbalance of supply and demand occurs from time to time. 1. Influence of product supply; Due to raw materials for agriculture and forestry products, plant extracts industry easily affected by factors such as weather, plant diseases and insect pests, planting area, the number of the purchase price of raw material and different years will fluctuate, the price of raw material price fluctuations make natural plant extracts product, production will have a certain degree of change, market supply and demand imbalance. 

2. Impact of market demand; Most production enterprises have limited understanding of overseas market demand and may lack scientific and long-term accurate judgment of market demand. When the market demand of a certain product is good, the market imbalance of short supply and short supply will occur in the short term. However, with the spread of market information, a large number of enterprises will rush to repeat production, resulting in the oversupply of products.

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Natural plant extracts product has curbed cancer and the effect of oxidation resistance, it mainly use of the role of plant extracts itself, such as the fight cancer is to use green tea extract can limit the cancer cells, make its "localization", make cancer treatment and prognosis of work is relatively simple, oxidation resistance is to use the mechanism of plant extracts to remove free radicals to reached a high level of oxidation reduction, free radicals to terminate the radical chain reaction, achieve the goal of scavenging free radicals.

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