White Willow Extract

White Willow Extract
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White Willow Extract



Synonym:White Willow Bark Extract
Latin Name:Salix babylonicaL
Main active ingredients:Salicin
Specification:1. Salicin 15% (Test by HPLC)
2. Salicin 98% (Test by HPLC)
Appearance:Brown to white Powder
Packaging:25kg/fiber board drum,double plastic bags inside.



Willow bark acts a lot like aspirin, so it is used for pain, including headache, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis, gout, and a disease of the spine called ankylosing spondylitis.
Willow bark’s pain relieving potential has been recognized throughout history. Willow bark was commonly used during the time of Hippocrates, when people were advised to chew on the bark to relieve pain and fever.
Willow bark is also used for fever, the common cold, flu, and weight loss.


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