Siberian Ginseng Extract

Siberian Ginseng Extract
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Siberian ginseng extract



Synonym:Eleuthero Root Extract
Latin Name:Eleutherococcus senticosus
Main active ingredients:Eleutherosides B + E
Specification:1. Eleutherosides B + E 0.8% (Test by HPLC)
2. Eleutherosides B + E  1.2 % (Test by HPLC)
Appearance:yellow Brown Powder
Packaging:25kg/fiber board drum,double plastic bags inside.



Resisting inflammation.
Expanding blood vessel, improving brain blood supplying, reducing and adjusting blood pressure, curing coronary heart disease.
Having curative effect on neurasthenic and insomnia.
Having notable curative effect on neurasthenic, improving sleeping heart-throb, bad memory etc.


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