Bilberry Extract

Bilberry Extract
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Bilberry extract



Synonym:Bilberry P.E
Latin Name:Vaccinium myrtillus
Main active ingredients:Anthocyanin
Specification:1. Anthocyanin 10% (Test by UV)
2. Anthocyanin 15% (Test by UV)
3. Anthocyanin 20% (Test by UV)
4. Anthocyanin 25% (Test by UV)
Appearance:Red purplePowder
Packaging:25kg/fiber board drum,double plastic bags inside.


Bilberry extract is very helpful in nourishing the skin as it contains antioxidant properties known to protect the skin against damage from free radicals. Bilberry extract has also been used to tread various skin disorders, such as skin ulcers and varicose veins.Bilberry extract also has been found in food supplement. Bilberry with their powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, have also been used in the treatment and prevention of cataracts, eye problems, rheumatoid arthritis .



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