Angelica Root Extract

Angelica Root Extract
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Angelica Root Extract



Synonym:Angelica Root Extract
Latin Name:Radix Angelicae Dahuricae
Main active ingredients:Imperatotin;Isoimperatotin;
Specification:1. Imperatotin 10% (Test by HPLC)
2. Imperatotin 98% (Test by HPLC)
Appearance: Brown to white Powder
Packaging:25kg/fiber board drum,double plastic bags inside.



Imperatorin has antibacterial, anti-asthmatic and anti-allergy effect; for the scattered wind and dampness, Tongqiao pain, swelling and pus. For cold, headache, Mei Leng bone pain, nasal congestion, Bi Yuan, toothache, vaginal discharge, sore throat.

1.Common cold due to wind-cold pathogens manifested as headache, stuffy nose, etc.

2.Headache, toothache, especially pain in the forehead and superciliary region.

3.Various infections on the body surface. For the treatment of acute mastitis, it is often used with trichosanthes fruit, fritillary bulb and dandelion; for various kinds of sores and swellings.

4.Leukorrhagia. For patients with profuse clear and thin leukorrhea due to cold-dampness, this drug is often used with white atractylodes rhizome, poria and cuttlebone; for foul yellow thick leukorrhagia due to damp-heat, it is used with phellodendron bark, plantain seed and other drugs. 

5.Stomachache. It can be used with liquorice, named Deoction of Dahurian Angelica and liquorice.


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