(20R)Ginsenoside Rg3/38243-03-7

(20R)Ginsenoside Rg3/38243-03-7
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HG027747 -----(20R)Ginsenoside Rg3

analytical standard     HPLC 98%



(20R)Ginsenoside Rg3

Cas Number:38243-03-7
Molecular Formula:C42H72O13
Molecular Weight:785.025g/mol


Chemical Name:


Appearance:white   powder
Grade:analytical standard
Chemical Family: triterpenoid saponin compounds
Original:Panax ginseng C. A. Mey
Storage temp:2~8°C
Pack Size:20mg;100mg;1gram
Application:For laboratory research use only


1.Characterizing A Full Spectrum Of Physico-Chemical Properties Of (20S)- And (20R)-Ginsenoside Rg3 To Be Proposed As Standard Reference Materials.

Kim IW, Sun WS, Yun BS, Kim NR, Min D, Kim SK.

2.Semisynthesis and bioactive evaluation of oxidized products from 20(S)-ginsenoside Rg3, Rh2, protopanaxadiol (PPD) and their 20(R)-epimers as cytotoxic agents.

Yang J, Li X, Sun T, Gao Y, Chen Y, Jin Y, Li Y.


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