Baicalin Powder

Baicalin Powder
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Baicalin and baicalein is the main acitive ingredient isolated from the root of scutellaria baicalensis .It is one of most commonly used herbal medicine in TCM. Chinese skullcap is called HuangQin in Chinese.

Baicalin solubility

  Baicalin powder is good soluble in organic solvents methanol, DMSO, ethyl acetate, and ethanol.

  Storage: Store in a cool place,closed container, protected from air and light.

What is baicalin used for

High purity Baicalin 99% is supply for analytical standards,/Chromatography.

Other specification Baicalin from scutellaria root is usually for baicalin supplement purposes,such as Baicalin 85%.



Catalog   No



HPLC 99%

Test Method


Molecular Formula



Fine yellow powder

Molecular Weight



20mg to1 kg  

High performance liquid chromatography method for Baicalin

Chromatographic system

C18 Column ,Wavelength: 280nm

Mobile Phase is a mixture of methanol and 0.2% phosphoric acid (47:53,V/V)

Baicalin Standard solution.

Weight accurately baicalin and dissolve in CH3OH.Dilute with CH3OH to produce solution of 60 μg/ml for baicalin.

Baicalin sample solution.

Weight accurately 0.3g baicalin powder sample, add 40ml of CH3OH(70%),Reflux with mixture for 3 hour,cool to room temperature.Filter and transfer the filtrate to a 100ml volumetric flask, Make up to the mark with methanol (70%) mixture. Measure accurately 1ml. transfer to 10ml volumetric flask, Make up to the mark with methanol.



Inject Baicalin Standard solution and Baicalin sample solution (10μl each) into the HPLC system and record the chromatograms,Measure the peak area and calsulate the Baicalin concentration.

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