Baoji Herbest Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd committed to providing high quality rare phytochemicals and derivatives for R&D purposes, specialized in the provision of high-purity pharmaceutical ingredient separation and purification technological solutions, and has developed into a high-tech company which integrates research, production and services on the high performance separation and purification of natural pharmaceutical ingredient and traditional Chinese medicine reference substance.


Herbest has established a number of lab for the separation and purification of natural products such as saponins, flavonoids and alkaloids, targeting at the structure features of the main active ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine and natural herbs. Our Off-the shelf Compounds Liberary Collection of more than 3000 high pure Natural Products isolated from herbs. Purity Minimum90%;Average above 98% that widely used in the quality assessment of Chinese herbal medicine,analysis of extract content,research biological activity,selection of new drug compounds,and food or nutritional supplements,etc. 

Büchi Sepacore MPLC system500LReflux Extraction Concentrator

Specialization helps us to make its R&D process more efficiently and its products more reliable, and to make possible the fast separation and purification of high purity pharmaceutical ingredient ranging form mg-level to kg-level.Since the first day of its establishment, Herbest has been dedicated to making its technology platform of the separation and purification of pharmaceutical ingredient stronger and closer to perfection, and to making itself China's largest R&D supplier of active ingredients of Chinese herbs and reference substance.

Agilent ISQ EC Mass SpectrometerDSC_0084

HERBEST Research equipments:

Agilent 400 MHz NMR spectrometers

Agilent ISQ EC Mass Spectrometer

ThermoFISHER ISQ EC Mass Spectrometer mass spectrometers

Waters 2535,2555 series HPLC system, Büchi Sepacore MPLC system and Agilent 1200 series HPLC system. Industrial Dynamic Axial Compression 200 DAC Column

500LReflux Extraction Concentrator

Waters ACQUITY UPLC I-Class 2695,2996,Agilent GC7890B……

Agilent 1200 series HPLC system

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